2-3 Kasım Şampiyonlar Ligi Programı

Football excitement continues at full speed in the Champions League. In the fourth week of the group stages, interesting and enjoyable matches will be presented to the audience. Giants League matches, which can be followed on live match watch sites, stand out as the factors that ensure that you do not stay without football during the week. Matches of giant teams competing in the Champions League; 2-3 November Champions League Program was evaluated for you in the article. Recommended in the previous articles on our site , fansium24 , jokerbet tv, pressbet tv, merit casino tv and many more; You can follow the matches below.

Atalanta – Manchester United (Tuesday 23:00)

Serie A’s team Atalanta, which has managed to become a Champions League regular, and Manchester United, which is trying to leave behind the difficult days in the Premier League, come face to face. Atalanta’s successful offensive game, which has been going on for many years, continues on its way with different names this season. Atalanta, who managed to persist in the system despite experiencing certain disruptions; It demonstrates its difference by applying the methods Gasperini established. In Manchester United, the bad results after the transfer of the stars caused a crisis environment. Solskjaer, who took a sigh of relief with the Tottenham match played in the past days; In order to stay in this roster of stars such as Ronaldo, Fernandes, Sancho and Cavani, he has to maintain positive results. Atalanta’s 2-0 There is a rush to get a rematch of the first match he gave. Both teams will try to make a difference with tactically tough and offensive games. For this reason, it is possible to watch a game with plenty of goals and fun.

Borussia Dortmund – Ajax (Wednesday 23:00)

The positive football symbols of Germany and the Netherlands meet once again in the Champions League groups. Losing 4-0 to their opponent in the first match, Borussia Dortmund wants to reflect the game setup it is trying to establish in the league to Europe. Dortmund, which is only 1 point behind Bayern, wants to maintain this stability and surpass their arch-rival after 9 years. Ajax, on the other hand, is advancing without shaking its favorite position in the Netherlands. The game discipline difference of the away team was enough to shake Dortmund in the first match. However, the Dortmund game at home is also a candidate to be quite difficult for Ajax. For this reason, the football mind that both teams will put on the field will be the scene of enjoyable moments.

Sporting Lisbon – Beşiktaş (Wednesday 23:00)

The last champion of Portugal, Sporting Lisbon, will meet our representative Beşiktaş at home this time. This away game, which Beşiktaş wants to return with points or points, is very important for the continuation of its European goals. Black and white returning empty-handed in the first three games; He was also disappointed in the match against Sporting. Besiktas, who lost 4-1 at home, will try to make up for this score in the outer field. Beşiktaş, which has many shortcomings due to injuries; He will show all his resistance to stay in Europe against Sporting. However, Sporting’s tactical discipline may cause Beşiktaş to struggle. This fight, which is an important corner in our representative’s journey to Europe, is also in an important position in terms of viewing pleasure.

Liverpool – Atlético Madrid (Wednesday 23:00)

Liverpool and Atletico Madrid met in the last 16 of the Champions League two seasons ago; They are playing their second match in the group stage. Liverpool, who managed to win away in the first match; He used his opponent’s disadvantage of remaining 10 players and got the score. On the other hand, Atletico Madrid, which showed a significant resistance against Liverpool; He could not prevent falling back with his inability to attack and Griezmann’s throwing. Despite being at home, Atletico’s tough and defensive play could prove challenging for Liverpool. For Atletico, Salah and Mane’s form chart is Liverpool’s killer point. This struggle faced by two different understandings of football; it can also present a tactical feast to the audience.

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